Abitare La Terra 8" x 2.5" Wall Tile in Caolino, Sold by the Carton


Abitare La Terra is a collection of harmonic tones in both ceramics and complimentary porcelains. Translated to inhabit the earth, these rich tones of nature are available in twelve colors of wall tile and eight colors of porcelain. The soothing details in each of the three sizes are unlike any other. If you are looking for something quiet but invigorating, Abitare La Terra is the perfect collection. When you are inspired by nature, the possibilities are endless.


Type: Tile
Collection: Abitare La Terra
Weight (pounds): 18.2
Finish: Caolino
Made In: Italy


Item Code: AECABICAO28
Square Footage: 0.14
Price Per Square Foot: $16.94736842105263
Pieces Per Carton: 38
Square Footage Per Carton: 5.32
Nominal Length (inches): 2.5
Nominal Width (inches): 8
Residential Applications: Walls, Shower Walls
Light Commercial Applications: Walls, Shower Walls
Commercial Applications: Walls, Shower Walls