Noise Matte 35.25" x 11.75" Wall Tile in Silver Tongue, Sold by the Carton


According to the Golden Gossip, this collection will have you screaming out loud. Available in four colors including two liquid metals, this collection of wall tile is guaranteed to make some NOISE! With its 12x36 size and linear wavelengths, even the black silence speaks volumes.


Type: Tile
Collection: Noise
Weight (pounds): 45.0
Finish: Silver Tongue
Made In: Turkey


Item Code: AECNOISI1236M
Square Footage: 2.88
Price Per Square Foot: $82.69413407821229
Pieces Per Carton: 5
Square Footage Per Carton: 14.32
Nominal Length (inches): 11.75
Nominal Width (inches): 35.25
Residential Applications: Walls, Shower Walls
Light Commercial Applications: Walls, Shower Walls
Commercial Applications: Walls, Shower Walls