Inspired: Latest Interior Design Ideas (Crystal, Cookouts and Cribs)

Inspired: Latest Interior Design Ideas (Crystal, Cookouts and Cribs)


Love to mix traditional with contemporary design? You're not the only one. Design Art by Orion is showcasing hand-cut SwissCrystal finials with contemporary iron hardware. SwissCrystal-On-Iron features 5 finial styles and 5 base styles. 5 Décor Finishes for the bases have been selected to coordinate beautifully with 5 Iron Finishes available for 1-1/4" rods, rings, brackets, holdbacks and batons.

Now we just need to choose the curtains to go with them!



Even in Northern California we sometimes hang up our barbecue tools in the winter. However, after seeing this beautiful soapstone grill on the M. Teixeira Soapstone website, our tools won't be going away anytime soon.

This innovative outdoor beauty is sure to be a conversation piece and the stunning heart of your outdoor space. Everyone will enjoy the grilling process. The large hotplate is 3cm (1 1/8") thick soapstone. The fire bowl is made of weathering steel and the base can be soapstone or weathering steel. Both materials are very resistant to the elements and can stay outdoors year round. It’s easy to clean and there is almost no maintenance involved. Any left over food or extra oil can just be scraped into the fire. Just wipe down the hot plate with detergent and water and next time you use it, just wipe on some olive oil. Great for gathering people around a fire pit while using it for cooking.

We love to recommend soapstone and here's why;

Soapstone Facts:

  • Soapstone does not stain.
  • Soapstone counters are not harmed by hot pots, citrus, wine, acids or chemicals.
  • The only maintenance recommended, not required, is the mineral oil treatment to enhance the natural darkening process the stone goes through and to ensure the soapstone darkens evenly. Mineral oil is not recommended to protect the soapstone, it does not need protection since it is naturally non- porous. (See our Facebook page for before and after photos of our soapstone in our showroom being oiled).
  • Cleaning your soapstone tops can be done with any of the common household cleaners, no need to buy special sealants or other “hard to find” often harsh chemicals.
  • The cost of soapstone is comparable to other natural stones.
  • Soapstone can be offered in a variety of different textures, unlike most other natural stones that are only available with a high polished finish. Some clients like the stone to feel rougher to the touch, others like it a little smoother and some like it in between, we can please all tastes by re-finishing the top of the slabs, at no additional cost.

Want to see more? Come on over! We'd love to show you our showroom where we have a soapstone counter top on display.


We do! Huge congratulations to our Administrative Assistant Stephanie who is expecting her second baby at the beginning of March. And Stanley Furniture's new nursery collection, Stone and Leigh, launched last fall has got us all cooing! 

Combining classic, upscale and familiar design elements with childlike characterizations, Stone & Leigh captures the imaginative spirit of childhood through artfully crafted, timeless nursery and children’s furniture.

Stephanie offers her advice when choosing nursery furniture, "Remember the crib will take center stage and set the tone for the room however, the other pieces of furniture will last far longer and usually stay in your child's bedroom long after they have outgrown their crib. So, whilst white sometimes seems the obvious choice, I prefer a darker wood - it might just be the one thing my baby won't grow out of!" 

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