What to Expect

You Can Relax! Home Remodels and Top-to-Bottom Make-Overs are Our Specialties.

Venue will design a new kitchen, bathroom, living space or bedroom that is beyond what you could create on your own. A space that makes you feel like you're at your favorite resort or in the pages of a home decorating magazine without the hassles and headache that usually go along with remodeling.

We handle it all, including:
  • Space Planning that will make you feel like you've added square footage to your home
  • Ergonomic Design that will make your home easy to use and safer 
  • Construction Drawings that will make your contractor smile and will sail through the local building department
  • Budgeting before building and purchasing starts so that you have real control over how you spend your money
  • Color, Pattern & Texture consulting that can re-shape the way your space looks
  • Bespoke, Custom-Made, Tailored & One-of-a-Kind furnishings designed exclusively for you
  • Purchase and Delivery of cabinets, flooring, furniture, window coverings, wall coverings, plumbing, tile, bedding, art, and accessories. We handle it all so that you don't have to.

We Won't Stop Until You Say, "Wow!"

If you want a home that is breathtaking and deeply personal, talk to us here at Venue. We're experts at uncovering the little details that define your personal style.

Not only do we ask you a series of targeted questions to find out about your dream room, but we also take the time to notice:
  • The mementos you cherish,
  • Your signature pieces of clothing,
  • Where you most like to be at home,
  • What's so special to you about your favorite vacation spot,
  • When we understand what makes you tick, we create, together, a fantastic room that could only be for you.

Do you want a Home You Can Be Proud Of? A Saner Home Life? More Room?

We see past the house you have today to the home you always wanted to have, a home that makes you proud. To begin, we:
  • Eliminate eyesores that make you cringe every time you walk in the door,
  • Recapture lost space that you need to make your home life more sane,
  • Open up congested areas making your home feel spacious and more gracious,
  • Then, we add your personality with unique furnishings and fixtures. Are you longing for custom cabinets, one-of-a-kind furnishings, bespoke window coverings, rare antiques or original art? We collaborate with the finest craftsmen to bring you the truly exclusive.

The Difference Between a Nightmare Remodel and a Smoothly Run Project

And it's not just about the beautiful rooms we create. How we get there is the difference between a nightmare remodel and a smoothly run project. We base all our projects on a comprehensive design plan, detailed construction drawings, our proprietary budgeting model and we manage each with a zeal that borders on obsessive-compulsiveness.

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