Inspired: Inside Scoop - The Latest Interior Design Ideas

Inspired: Inside Scoop - The Latest Interior Design Ideas

Go Wild over Animale

Beacon Hill introduces Animale at Robert Allen, silk textiles that marry the worlds of creature and man. In Animale, human and animal attributes intermingle throughout embroideries, jacquards and prints, to create an arresting tableau of pattern, texture and color, and a silk collection that is one-of-a-kind.


Surface cut weft yarns that mimic the tendrils of a feather, weave structures that mirror the contours of a nautilus, print and embroidery techniques that call to mind magnificent plumage... Exquiste craftmanship, a hallmark of Beacon Hill, eloquently evokes beauty and beast through the language of textiles. By working with the world's finest artisans, Beacon Hill has developed fabrics that are both one-of-a-kind, and beautifully designed for diverse applications.


This week we were discussing the benefits of induction cook tops with our clients and we're delighted to see Wolf are embracing induction cooking in their new first induction range available October 2016. If you've never cooked with induction, you're in for a surprise. It is a technology of startling precision and power – perhaps the only type of cooking that could lure you away from gas.  Wolf pairs a powerful induction cook-top with its celebrated dual convection oven, which delivers the most even heating you'll find, plus 10 automatic cooking modes to master any dish. It's a combination to delight any culinary enthusiast.

The induction cook-top boils water faster than gas. Has a black ceramic glass surface that cleans in seconds. And a flexible cooking surface that accommodates various pan sizes and dishes. How does it perform? Induction gives you high to low end control as precise and powerful as any gas range you've used. With this extraordinary range, you'll cook meals better (and faster) than you ever thought possible.

Induction cooking harnesses the power of magnets, generating heat directly in the cooking vessel rather than the cook-top, to create a precise and efficient control of heat.  Along with the boost feature on the cook-tops, water will boil faster and cookware heat more quickly than gas. Wolf Induction allows you to predict delicious results by providing exact and quick heat control on both high a low settings. 

One of the many features of the Induction Range is that is combines the induction cook-top with the Wolf convection oven. With two convection fans that saturate and circulate heat to ensure that food is cooked evenly without hot and cool spots, allowing multi-rack cooking with no rotation necessary. The 10 cooking modes allow for perfecting anything from traditional roasts and pies to pizzas and dried fruits.

It just makes us want to get cooking? 



KOHLER, believe great design is form and function in perfect harmony with the environment. They design products that don’t just look beautiful and perform exceptionally well, but also use significantly less water. Because lowering your water usage shouldn’t mean lowering your standards.

Switching to a water-saving toilet is the single most effective change you can make in your house to conserve water. And with KOHLER technologies like their powerful AquaPiston®flush engine, you won’t have to sacrifice anything in terms of performance.

The Highline® Comfort Height® water-conserving toilet combines both style and function with its clean, simple design and efficient performance. 

California has just experienced the first rain of Fall, and wow do we need it! That's why we are an advocate of anyone who makes it their mission to save water.

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