Inspired: Interior Design Ideas by Professionals ... What's Trending this Week

Inspired: Interior Design Ideas by Professionals ... What's Trending this Week


Dyslexia and Design

The Dyslexia Design Exhibition caught our eye, taking place September 22-25 in London, designjunction will play host to the inaugural Dyslexic Design, an exhibition that explores the link between dyslexia and creative industries. The project, in support of the British Dyslexic Association, will celebrate dyslexic designers’ work over five days during the London Design Festival.

The Dyslexic Design exhibition, curated by one of the U.K.’s leading designers, Jim Rokos, will challenge perceptions of dyslexia by accentuating the positive effects of living with it and its close association with design. The goal of the project is to remove the stigma sometimes associated with it. 

With dyslexia in her family, Venue's Marketing Coordinator, Claire Collinson says "This will be an excellent exhibition, many people with dyslexia are incredibly creative and this exhibition is a great way to showcase talents and remove any negative associations about dyslexia."  

The exhibition curated, organized and driven by Jim aims to explore the connection between dyslexia and the creative industries. It looks at the positive effects as well as the challenges that people face working with a learning difference.

The exhibition’s main goal is to remove the stigma of dyslexia and reveal it as a gift. It will look at how dyslexia affects a person’s lateral and visual thinking. Visitors to the show will see a mixture of the designers’ latest as well as specially created work for the exhibition.

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Have you read our earlier blogs about  Venue's interior designer and owner, Jackie Lopey's trip to the Las Vegas Market this summer?

Jackie couldn't help but be impressed with Wood Fusion a completely eco-friendly furniture company.

Wood Fusion pieces are all one of a kind and handmade by a team of passionate and dedicated craftsmen & designers. The natural beauty of these designs tell their own story as the uniqueness of the wood grain and patterns naturally attract the human eye.

They are completely eco-friendly and only reclaim trees that were cut down due to hazards, droughts, or sustainable forestry practices. They take pride in creating a new purpose for these exquisite gifts of nature that become everlasting heirlooms.


Essence or Arterios

We couldn't agree more wtih Mark Moussa, Creative Director and Founder of Arteriors who says “The artist in me never stops looking for inspiration.” and Arteriors is a great place to find inspiration. We love their products and each piece has it's own unique style.

Launched in 1987 with a focus on beautiful, handcrafted accessories in classic materials, Arteriors has evolved into a global leader in artisan lighting, furniture, wall decor and decorative accessories…evolved into a go-to resource for residential and contract designers as well.

“It all starts with the product,” says Arteriors Founder and Creative Director Mark Moussa when describing the essence of the company he founded nearly 30 years ago.

This Mosquito Bench caught our eye, reminiscent of the graceful silhouette of a mosquito's leg, this ottoman works well in a bathroom, around a center table in a gallery hall, in front of a fireplace or just about anywhere. 



We love Scalamandré color of the month, PeacockNamed for one of the most beautiful and dramatic birds on earth, this color is anything but shy. It’s exotic without being shocking, and creates an incredibly rich background with which to contrast pale neutrals, complementary orange, or gold metallic finishes. More than anything, it’s a perfect mix of green and blue, two of nature’s most peaceful hues - so it provides not only depth, but serenity to an interior. Check out their newest Peacock fabrics, trimmings and wall covering, and show off a new look!

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