Inspired: Light Up Your Life! (Interior Design Ideas For Lighting Up Your Home)

Inspired: Light Up Your Life! (Interior Design Ideas For Lighting Up Your Home)

As we officially enter into Fall and the days get shorter the Venue Team are taking a closer look at the latest lighting trends and how to use lighting to the best effect in your home!

Unique ways to light a room

For a fun touch we couldn't help but smile when we saw the Lumio Book Light at the newly opened MoMA in San Francisco. 

When shut, Lumio masquerades as an elegant hardcover book bound in lasercut wood. When opened, it magically transforms into a sculptural light illuminated by a high-performing LED. Lumio was born from San Francisco-based designer Max Gunawan’s fascination with the functional potential of origami and his desire to create a flexible lighting solution that adapts to the user’s needs. Lumio’s minimalist, compact form allows for maximum portability, and since its diaphanous, pleated interior is made of hard-wearing and water-resistant Tyvek, this innovative lamp is equally at home bedside, at a backyard barbeque, or on the go. The strong neodymium magnets imbedded within its covers allow this transformable light to be expanded 180 degrees to its fullest brightness, or mounted upon any magnetic surface. The included leather hanging strap enables lightweight Lumio to be suspended, offering ambient light akin to a lustrous paper lantern. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides wireless power for up to eight hours (rechargeable via micro-USB cord using a 2A or 3A adaptor). Brightness: 500 lumen. Light temperature: 2700K (warm white). 

It's what's on the inside that counts!

When designing your dream kitchen never underestimate your lighting requirements. Venue's designs don't just look at showcasing the outside of your kitchen but inside the cabinets too! Crystal Cabinets have summed it up perfectly: "Over the past few years, advancements in LED lighting have made integrating lighting into kitchens easier, more cost-effective and energy efficient. But don’t be fooled, not all LED’s are created equal! Cheaper systems tend to have inconsistent color, wide LED spacing which creates distinct light “dots” and drivers with short lifespans.

Integrated lighting offers several benefits. Not only does it make kitchens more vibrant and luxurious, it also makes them safer. Under cabinet lighting can help reduce cooking accidents by increasing visibility, which is especially important for aging-in-place design. Spaces become more vibrant with every layer of light that is added. Under cabinet lighting not only promotes safety, but also enhances the beauty of counters and back splashes. Interior cabinet lighting gives easier visual access to stored items, and when integrated into glass frame cabinets, creates a spectacular showcase area."

You can see how all the right components of lighting showcase this stunning kitchen to the max! (Featured below)


Brighten Up Your Living Space

Hudson Valley Lighting is always a favorite when looking for great lighting and their 2016 Fall Collection really caught our eye. We love the simplicity and symmetry of the Astoria lighting collection. Bubbles of light balance on and balloon forth from trumpets of cast metal. Opal-etched glass diffusers poise in balanced rows, above and below, along a wheel of light, concealing LED bulbs.

Smooth, minimal, and sophisticated, Knowles is a piece for the dedicated aesthete. Tipping their hat to the Vienna Workshops and the Bauhaus School, metals and glass work together for a fixture that is more than the sum of its parts. Machined metal clasps supporting the white glass shade add subtle textural detail, while LED bulbs deliver phenomenal performance.


For more information and to see how we have used lighting in our projects, please visit our website

How will you light up your life?


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