Concord California Bathroom Remodel by Interior Designer Jackie Lopey, Rustic Style, Custom Bathroom Storage Solution with Pull out on on front and roll up appliance garage on right, Crystal Cabinet Works

Reclaim Your Space, Part 2: Bathrooms

Get organized with the best storage solutions for your home!

One of our most commonly asked questions is: How can I make more space in my home? Answer: Hire a great interior designer who is terrific at making the most of your space (we happen to know a great one)! You might not be ready for a remodel just yet, so you need to look at how you organize your home. We are not asking you to fold your clothes differently or hug all your possessions and see if they bring you joy! However, Claire in marketing is a huge fan of Marie Kondo and really does feel "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" when sorting and ridding her home of unwanted clutter. She enjoys making sure her clothes neatly stand to attention before putting them away! However, if you feel this is all too much effort, the simple trick is to have a house filled with great organizational and storage options. 

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Of all the places in the home, bathroom storage has to be taken seriously. Some items need to be accessible: shampoo in the shower, for example, or towels after a soak in the tub. Bathroom storage also has to be organized to hide personal items such as medication. We love the bathroom storage we incorporated into the projects below. 

Pull out shelves and a roll-up appliance garage keeps counter space clear and hides personal items in a creative way.
Need more space? Consider a wall-hung toilet. The tank is in the wall and gives you added space where space might be tight. And, don't forget the space over the toilet - it keeps surfaces clutter-free!

Shower niches offer easy access to shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.

Open shelves provide a great space to store towels and glass-fronted cabinets help show off pretty bottled toiletries, just where you need it!

Plenty of cabinets and open shelving for towels keeps surfaces clear

 How will you organize your storage?

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