We Can See The Vision! Can You?

We Can See The Vision! Can You?

How perspective drawings and 3D renderings help you envision your dream remodel!

No matter how much enthusiasm we have for a project and how instantly we see your desired reading nook or how best to showcase your prized artwork collection, sometimes it's not easy for you to see the same vision, especially when walls need to be knocked down, windows and doors moved and rooms opened up. That's why at Venue we always provide perspective drawings and when completing whole house projects, 3D rendering drawings, using the latest software. We offer you a view inside of our heads! 

Rachael Daboin, Interior Designer at Venue, says "Our drawings allow our clients to visually see the space we can create, how their heirloom dresser will look in their newly designed dining room or if they really do want the lime green feature wall, they were so insistent on.  By showing our clients a glimpse of their future home it offers a way for them to truly see the great space we are creating." 

The textures, the lighting, the depth of field, the furniture, the outlets, the glazing - everything you’d hope to see in the crisp clean transformation of your home is presented in perfect clarity.

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