Week 4: How Much Of My Time Is This Project Going To Absorb? (Kitchen Remodel Must Read)

Week 4: How Much Of My Time Is This Project Going To Absorb? (Kitchen Remodel Must Read)

In today's busy world never has the quote “Time is the Only Currency” been more meaningful, and it's important to value your time. Which leads us to question 6 in our blog series; The Most Commonly Asked Questions When Redesigning a Kitchen.  

Question 6: How Much Of My Time Is This Project Going To Absorb?

Designing a new kitchen is like taking on a second job. If you’re designing it yourself, plan to spend 80 hours researching materials, planning your layout and visiting showrooms, and 20 hours finding contractors, meeting with those contractors and then gathering and comparing their bids.

That’s just to plan your kitchen, you’ll spend another 40 to 60 hours finalizing your purchases, placing orders, tracking those orders and receiving deliveries. You’re not done yet! Was anything you ordered out-of-stock or discontinued? You’ll need to find a replacement. Did anything arrive damaged? You’ll have to file a claim and get a new one shipped out.

If you already have an endless To Do List, designing your own kitchen and running down the needed materials is a tall order. Protect your sanity and your time, which is after all priceless, by hiring a full-service interior design firm, like Venue, to carry the load. The result will likely be better than you could achieve alone, your designer will get your kitchen designed quickly, save you money and, of course, eliminate many hours of frustrating work.

Still have questions?  Call 925-285-0815 or email jackie@venueathome.com now to schedule a 30-minute phone consultation. Yours FREE when you mention this blog post.

Next week we’ll answer Kitchen Design Question 5: How Do I Choose Cabinets?


Jackie Lopey embraced her creativity and passion over 10 years ago when she left her corporate job in San Francisco to become an interior designer. Since then she has worked with over a hundred satisfied clients transforming hundreds of rooms, and Jackie’s reputation now precedes her as one of the top Certified Interior Designers in the East Bay.

She has a keen eye for detail and uniquely intuits her clients wants and needs. If you want a home that is breathtaking and deeply personal, Jackie Lopey and her team at Venue are the experts you need to talk to.
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