Inspired: Interior Design Ideas Worth Talking About!

Inspired: Interior Design Ideas Worth Talking About!

Each week our team at Venue will reveal the best interior design ideas making headlines. 

This week at Venue we get our groove on with furniture that plays music, we reveal how to get organized for going back to school, get mesmerized by a spa shower for the home and much more…

When is a Sofa Not a Sofa? When It's a Speaker!

We love music - who doesn't? That's why the Häfele Loox Sound System 105, caught our eye. It's an invisible sound system that is ingeniously developed to be installed into furniture pieces. Ready? Here comes the techy bit ... A Bluetooth receiver with an integrated exciter (sound transducer), is neatly encased in a specially designed compact body. Simply connect your smart phone or another Bluetooth-enabled device to play your favorite music, streaming audio, podcasts, etc. The exciter sends these vibrations through different surfaces, transforming every piece of furniture into a sound conductor (speaker). In other words, you can add audio to a wide range of environments with a simple installation process and stylish design, cool huh?

What Happens In Vegas ... Doesn't Always Stay In Vegas!

When Jackie Lopey, owner of Venue, visited Las Vegas Market this summer she couldn't wait to tell us all about it, “I love the organic wood with its burls, knots and live edge paired with the crystalline geometry of the glass.” Since then Venue has liaised with several new exciting vendors, we already have clients wanting their products and we know it's the start of a beautiful friendship. We'll continue to talk about the different vendors in the coming weeks but this week we want to tell you about Jeffan Furniture. Jeffan International is the North American division of a 20-year-old family-owned company based in Indonesia. The company’s mission is to bring Indonesia’s amazing craftsmanship and design capabilities to the rest of the world. Jeffan’s designs are eclectic, current, modern and fashion-forward. They offer a broad line of home furnishings, including furniture for indoors and out, lighting and home accents. Working with local artisans, most products are crafted by hand using indigenous and exotic materials. These materials and techniques are infused into modern designs based on collaboration with designers from around the world.  

Spa at Home - Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head

We all want one of these! Controlled by ThermaTouch, this unique system from ThermaSol creates a personal experience and environment with the creative use of light, sound and falling water. The ceiling-mounted system utilizes high-quality LEDs for Mood Lighting mode, which delivers gradually changing color palettes and in-shower lighting. Chromatherapy mode delivers seven color calibrated presets matching up with the body’s chakras. The audible experience is delivered through a high-performance trilinear sub-woofer with high-frequency drivers and a high-efficiency class D amplifier. With ThermaTouch, audio settings such as volume, treble, mid-range, bass and voice response feedback are controlled. Finally, the rain head shower delivers a gentle falling water sensation through two rows of 82 easy-clean neoprene jets. Wow! 

We Might Live on the West Coast, but the East Coast Still Inspires Us!

The Kate Spade New York Home collection from Jaipur Living was among the most talked about when it launched at the end of last year and we continue to love the new range which takes a fresh look on her iconic patterns, along with several original design additions marked by bright new colorways and patterns. 

Custom Furniture For Our Customers

We understand everyone wants something a little different to make their home unique and, thanks to Robert Allen, designing custom furniture has never been easier.  Their furniture program continues to expand and now includes upholstered headboards, dining room chairs, occasional furniture, as well as chairs, sofas, and sectionals. We love this chair design by Rachel Reider Interiors in Boston. With endless possibilities, Venue with Robert Allen can make a one-off masterpiece or a complementary suite for your living, dining or bedroom. We have you covered!


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