Week 3: Who Should I Talk To First - A Designer Or A Contractor? (Kitchen Remodel Know-How)

Week 3: Who Should I Talk To First - A Designer Or A Contractor? (Kitchen Remodel Know-How)

We're continuing our countdown of The Most Commonly Asked Questions When Redesigning a Kitchen. It’s a double whammy this week answering both Questions 8 and 7.

Question 8: Who Should I Talk To First—A Designer Or A Contractor?

You’ll hear a lot of nightmare stories about general contractors. We love the ones we work with, who refer us again and again, and think we’ve come to understand them. Contractors know how tough remodels can be. They know they can’t give you an accurate quote until they see exactly what you plan to do. That means you must have construction drawings (floor plans, elevations, details, and notes) showing what is being taken out and what is being added. So, call your designer first so that she can create the construction drawings your contractor needs.

By the way, if you want to get an inflated estimate, call your contractor while you’re still brainstorming the design. Then, he’ll have to add everything you might do to his estimate to make sure both you and he are covered in the end!

Question 7: Do I Need A Building Permit?

Some contractors and homeowners are comfortable working without a permit even when one is legally required. However, we’re against it. A kitchen remodel is a major undertaking, and the cost of a building permit is usually a tiny component of the total budget. The building code is focused on serious stuff – fire safety and structural integrity. Why take a chance?

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Next week we’ll answer Kitchen Design Question 6: How Much Of My Time Is This Project Going To Absorb?


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